Learn How Celebrities Lost Their Weight

Who doesn’t want to be as fit as Hollywood’s “it” ladies? I’m sure I’m not the only one. Let’s take some weight loss tips from these beautiful queens of California. Here are some dieting secrets from the queens of Hollywood:

Detox Diet Plan

1.¬†Christina Aguilera’s weight loss

christina aguilera
Christina’s transformation

As jaw-dropping as she was before, Christina’s 49 pound weight loss has us wanting to die our hair platinum blonde and start lip singing “Genie In A Bottle.” Heres how this amazing lady dropped nearly 50 pounds:

  • Steer clear of creamy dressings and condiments… unnecessary calories!
  • Create a diet with the proper ratio of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats
  • Work out several days a week, including weight training
  • Stay away from most alcohol, but give yourself some cheat days for a few glasses of your favorite cocktail
  • Ditch the stress – Christina believes lower stress = lower weight

2. Janet Jackson

Just her amazing curves make us jump for joy! Janet Jackson has been through her ups and downs physically. Recently, this pretty lady has shed about 60 pounds! Here are her tips to get rid of the weight:

  • Janet NEVER weighs herself – she goes off feeling alone
  • Don’t deprive yourself. Janet had a cheat food every now and then…. just not 3 times a day!
  • Be active 6 days a week – some intense, some low-key
  • Balance your portions, eat what you want in moderation
  • When she was actively trying to lose weight, Janet never ate more than 1500 calories a day
  • No processed food
  • Up to 3 liters of water a day
  • Veggies, fruit, lean protein, healthy fat

3. Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer HudsonDoes it get hotter than Jennifer Hudson? Doubtful. This beauty went from a size 16 to a smoking size 6. This hot Hollywood lady credits the following with her 5-size and estimated 80 pound transformation:

  • Weight watchers: Jennifer loves the fact that it is a “lifestyle” instead of a diet. She felt she could really eat will learning new habits.
  • To keep her amazing curves, she weight trains more than she does cardio. Hudson worked up to nearly an hour of waits before about a half hour of cardio.
  • Jennifer HATED diets, which is why she enjoyed learning how to eat what she wanted in proper portions. She learned to eat healthier foods she enjoyed, and smaller portions of the foods she loved that aren’t the “healthiest.”
  • Don’t focus on numbers on the scale or your dress size, it’s about being happy in your own skin
  • Hudson believes it’s just as easy to cook healthfully on a budget as it is to cook high fat and calorie foods

Check the following link in order to learn more about Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss.

4. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly OsbourneInfamous artist Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter Kelly has had her ups and downs regarding her health. However, just look at that picture on the right… she looks amazing! Fit, happy, healthy, and living her life to the fullest, here are some of the beautiful Kelly Osbourne’s tips on getting and staying in your best shape:

  1. Get at least 30 minutes daily of cardio
  2. Eat whatever your heart desires… but in the morning.

If Kelly was craving a chocolate cake, she would eat a piece for breakfast. May seem strange, but her belief was eating unhealthy food early in the day ensured it being burnt off by nightfall. – Don’t weight yourself – go by the mirror and how you feel- Don’t compare yourself. Kelly realizes the only person she can be is Kelly Osbourne. She strives to be the best Kelly she can be… whether or not others agree with it!

5. Miranda Lambert

Country singing heart-throb Miranda Lambert has lost over 30 pounds in the past few years while gaining fans with her edgy, fun, and heart-tugging lyrics. Miranda says Blake loves her soul regardless of her shape (awwwww)! Here are some tips from the beautiful country phenomenon:

  • Do cardio most days a week – even if it’s a walk around the block with your hubby, puppy, or getting ready for the day on your own!
  • If you aren’t a fan of vegetables like Miranda… try vegetable juice! She loves to drink a glass every morning.
  • Instead of chips or other high-calorie snacks, try nuts instead

6. Vicky Pattison

vicky pattisonCheck this beauty out! Her rocking bod plus that amazing suit makes us want to steal her look and jet off to the Bahamas. Here are some tips from this pretty lady:

  • Use your body weight for strength training
  • Don’t completely cut out fats and carbs, they’re necessary!
  • Don’t band, but avoid sweets and desserts
  • Start with a 10 minute workouts, and increase as time goes on
  • Believe taking care of yourself helps you take care of everyone else
  • You don’t have to cut alcohol out forever, just limit it!
  • Always eat a healthy breakfast

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Here’s a video showing the most dramatic before & after weight loss of celebrities:

Good luck! You can absolutely get healthier and happier, one pound at at time! You can learn about even more celebrities that shed some serious weight here.