This is How Christina Aguilera Gained & Lost Weight

It is basically reduction in body mass and is also classified under two categories namely unintentional and intentional weight loss. Losing weight unintentionally¬†mostly involves unfortunate incidents that lead to one loosing his or her body mass like illness and lack of nutrients while intentional loss in body mass is voluntary, otherwise known as slimming. Shading off weight however does not come easy for one has to make some drastic changes in his or her lifestyle in order to be able to do so. Generally for one to be in good shape you will be encouraged to check on his or her diet and run the treadmill Christina Aguilera’s transformation story suggests that there is more than just running in the gym to look that beautiful.

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Christina’s transformation

Reiki – One of the things that helped Christina lose weight

Christina Aguilera reportedly credits Reiki, an ancient Asian practice that is said to heal the body and mind therefore hinting that there is more than just gym and dieting to be physically fit. Conducted by practitioners, Reiki is aimed at increasing the body energy which in turn helps one relax and be less stressed out. Doing Yoga and running may also substitute Reiki in this context but will also support the fact that relieving stress is vital for a healthy living. The theory suggests that the practice is able to transfer one’s spiritual energy to the rest of your body and this able to be achieved as the practitioner moves her hands all over the client’s body without any contact whatsoever and its like they are soothing your stress.

Diet always plays a significant weight loss role

Apart from limiting her alcohol consumption, Christina avoided unhealthy foods like chocolate, chips, pancakes and conned beef among others. For breakfast she goes with blueberries, half an avocado and turkey bacon which is a combination of healthy fats and proteins. For a snack she has is almond butter and chicken breast over a veggie-filled salad for lunch. She loves shrimp cocktail as a healthy snack and for dinner she loves chicken or fish curry and splurges with a glass of wine. As an entertainer, she does need energy hence the reason for dividing her meals into three meals and two snacks in a day. She actually has a target of taking up to one thousand eight hundred calories. After her pregnancy, she mentioned that breast-feeding also helped her loose calories and shed her baby weight, as well as that also keeping away from whites such as white rice, floor and sugar helped checking her weight. Despite the fact that Christina avoids junk food, she actually loves eating nachos, chili fries, chicken wings and cookies before performing on stage knowing that dancing actually gets rid of the calories.

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Christina’s Workout Routine

Christina starts her workout on the treadmill doing ten to twenty minutes of walking and on a good day runs for ten to fifteen minutes. Surprisingly, she does not shy away from weights like most females do as she works her biceps and triceps with five to twenty pounds. She also does three hundred to five hundred sit-ups to work on her abs.

Watch Christina talk about how she lost & gained weight

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