How Jennifer Hudson Lost 80 Pounds

Jennifer Hudson inspired everyone with her successful weight loss. She was committed on her journey as she lost a total of 80 pounds (that should be around 23 lbs). She started shedding pounds after pregnancy in order to get rid of all the baby weight gained.

Her secret on this successful shedding journey was shared with everyone. She posted a selfie wearing a bikini on instagram that shocked and amazed a lot of fans because of the weight drop off.

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson’s transformation

Unlike others who lost weight by crash diet, Jennifer did it through different way. But before beginning her journey, she was really hesitant on shedding off the fat because no diet was working on her before. Instead, she didn’t gave up and made a new weight loss technique. She had a portion control in eating and had a workout routine. She lost a lot of weight when she participated on WW and was able to reach her goal in 2012. The end result was amazing – imagine switching from size 16 to 6. It’s exactly what she achieved. Her statement after parting with WW was:

My experience with Weight Watchers has truly been life changing. I am grateful for what I have learned throughout the process and will always take it with me

Jennifer does intense workouts and tries to make it fun so that she can enjoy what she’s doing. She made a goal to be able to wear a swimming bikini on summer, a goal that was realized due to her commitment and discipline. Hudson now feels great as she lost the excess weight in a healthy way.

She trained with the celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and that was one way in achieving her weight loss. The diet company taught her how to eat just like a healthy normal person. As part of her workout routine, she does circuit training routine cardio for 25 minutes. Beside that, the routine also includes doing lunges, ab exercises and shoulder presses five days in a week. She then turned it to 50 minute routine and added 25 minutes cardio in it.

Healthy Meal Plan

She just laughed out to those people who thinks that she looks better with more meat on her body. Despite her sexy curves, she didn’t let food intimidate her. In fact, she could eat ice cream occasionally but while still being conscious on herself. She thought that depriving food that she wants won’t work for her that’s why she still eats what she wants but still becomes aware of it. As for her fiance David Otunga, he likes to feed her as he keeps on telling Jennifer that she has no breasts anymore. David also told her that she has to get used to it to the way she looks because she will definitely keep that weight off.

Jenniffer Hudson will keep her curves according to her. A lot of people were impressed because of the success story of Jennifer Hudson through her weight loss journey. She shared that her experience with Weight Watchers was really life changing and she was really grateful because of the things that she learned during her journey. One thing that really inspired Jennifer to lose the weight is that she wants to be healthy for her son. Also, she wants to be an active mom and assured that she had a great healthy habits which can be adapted by her son as he grew up.

You can get a sense of this complete experience in this 4 minute video

So, to summarize, here is Jennifer’s diet plan and routine in a few points:

  • Jennifer loves the fact that it is a “lifestyle” instead of a diet. She felt she could really eat will learning new habits.
  • To keep her amazing curves, she weight trains more than she does cardio. Hudson worked up to nearly an hour of weights before about a half hour of cardio.
  • Jennifer HATED diets, which is why she enjoyed learning how to eat what she wanted in proper portions. She learned to eat healthier foods she enjoyed, and smaller portions of the foods she loved that aren’t the “healthiest.”
  • Don’t focus on numbers on the scale or your dress size, it’s about being happy in your own skin
  • Hudson believes it’s just as easy to cook healthfully on a budget as it is to cook high fat and calorie foods

Another celebrity that can be compared to Jennifer’s dramatic lost of weight, is Vicky Pattison.