How Rick Ross Dropped Over 100 Pounds In Less Than 7 Months

We all experience different wake up calls to change our lifestyles. For instance Ross’ wake-up call came after he experienced two seizure attacks within one day back in 2011. Now if you still haven’t got your wake-up call, you do not have to wait till you experience some health problems so that you can start changing your eating habits as well as any other lifestyle habits that might be influencing your health. Just so you know it has been noted that rapper Rick Ross managed to lose more or less 100 pounds within seven months and he is still not stopping there. You too could also be like him provided you are willing to change your lifestyle. You all know that losing weight is not the hardest part of keeping fit but maintaining your new body weight is the real deal. Rick Ross’s weight loss should serve as an example to all those who might be wondering whether it is possible for them to lose so much weight within such a short time.

Rick Ross

An insight on how Ross was able to drop over 100 pounds

He admits to having changing his diet. He admits that he rarely did eat fruits in his past life something he regularly does nowadays. In an interview he even went ahead to admit that he eats pears something he never thought he would be eating. Fruits are not the only thing he has added in his diet. He confirms that he rarely takes soda unless it has been prescribed in the diet. I know most of you really like taking sodas, but these are some of the eating habits you will have to change if you are to be successful in losing the amount of fat you would like.

Drinking a lot of water is also another eating habit you should learn to embrace. Although Ross did not actually give the actual amount of water he takes per day, you could consult your nutritionist to find out the most appropriate amount of water you should take per day. Ross goes ahead to state that he has even stopped eating such food like bread, white rice and other type of food that are rich in fat. One other eating habit that has made the Rick Ross Weight Loss a reality is the fact that he now understands that eating heavy meals in the early hours of the day is very helpful to keeping yourself fit.

Rick Ross credits Crossfit for his weight loss
Rick Ross credits Crossfit for his weight loss

Losing weight is not all about changing your diet but is also influenced by the type of exercises you engage yourself in. He explains that most of his work out is called the CrossFit which he jokingly refers to as RossFit. He describes this exercise as very intense which not only helps him to burn fat but also to build his muscles. He therefore recommends that you be ready to endure all the strenuous exercises you will have to undergo when in the gym as the payback will be really nice.

Rick’s video interview where he talks about his diet and exercise plans & routines

So now that you have got a glimpse of what transpired during the period which Ross lost close to about 100 pounds if not over that, you should try to emulate his example. You are guaranteed to experience the same success provided you are willing to endure the strenuous exercises and new diets.

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