The Exact Diet & Exercise Plan Used by Vicky Pattison That Made Her Drop 50 lbs

Vicky Pattison has totally transformed herself from an over-weight ladette into a toned and sassy sex bomb. The ex-Geordie Shore star is half the woman she used to be having dropped from a size 16, into a super lean size 8, and the best news is she did it without starving herself, following a fad diet or depriving herself of the things she enjoys.

vicky pattison
Vicky shed about 50 lbs (Xposure)

Geordie Shore viewers will know her as the jager-loving loudmouth who never seemed to be without some form of unhealthy snack. Crisps, kebabs, and chocolate were all part of her unbalanced diet, but she’s now swapped that for porridge, omelettes and lots of fruit and veg. On a typical day, she now eats porridge with blueberries for breakfast, a salad or wrap with feta and avocado for lunch and a chicken or fish based dinner with lots of steamed vegetables. Rather than snack on chocolate and crisps, she’s opting for carrot sticks, hummus and low calorie flavoured popcorn to keep her going.

Unlike so many other celebs, she hasn’t cut out fats, carbs or protein, and hasn’t encouraged people to join her in a fad diet like Beyonce did with the lemon juice diet. Instead, she’s advocating an everything in proportion attitude. In fact, she didn’t even cut out her beloved alcohol when she started to lose weight, and more impressively, even managed to film her last season of Geordie Shore without piling on the pounds! So how has she kept the weight off whilst partying with the rest of the Geordie Shore cast?

Rather than relying purely on a healthy balanced diet, Vicky’s also turned to exercise. Unlike most celebrities though, she hasn’t rushed out to buy the most expensive gym equipment. Instead, she’s doing exercises that use her own body-weight meaning she can do them anywhere. From lunges, press ups and cardio workouts, Vicky has been able to lose weight and keep it off without depriving herself of the things she enjoys. The bonus to this is she’s more likely to have long term success than if she dropped a few dress sizes with a fad diet.

Vicky even took the time to chart her weight shed with a new DVD. Her 7 Day Slim DVD not only shows her amazing transformation and 50lb weight loss, but it shows how she’s managed to do it by fitting in just 10 minutes a day to complete a work out. All of the workouts featured on her DVD are ones that she continues to do in order to keep the weight off, and there’s no denying that each of the workouts have you working up a sweat. The following video shows an advert of her 7 Day Slim program:

7 Day Slim is a Sustainable WorkOut To Lose Weight

Of all the celeb diets that have emerged, Vicky Pattison’s weight loss is the only sustainable programme that doctors and dietitians would encourage people to undertake. There’s no quick win, just a sensible and healthy weight loss produced by swapping unhealthy food for healthy alternatives, increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables been eaten and working out. It’s definitely worked for Vicky as she’s no longer flabby but totally fab!