What you should know about weight loss & exercise plans

Weight loss is basically the reduction in body mass intentionally or unintentional due to various factors depending on the cause of lost weight. Unintentional lost of weight can be as a result of poor diet or sickness whereas intentional weight shedding is self driven by change of eating habits and weight loss exercise plans.

Willful restriction of nutrients so that the body can burn down the body fats is the most effective though it is also considered a danger to health and should only be recommended with the help of a physician. Exercising on a regular basis and adjustments to eating patterns are progressive or rather slow procedure of losing weight but are considered as the safest plans.

Burning Fat

Consider following popular exercise and diet plans

While doing weight loss workout, one can choose the ‘NowLoss diet‘ or opt for seven easy diet rules to lose weight fast. The ‘Nowloss diet’ is whereby one is able to loose weight while eating whatever he or she likes and is mostly common with beginners who cant resist their old eating habits. Men and the active are allowed 2000 calories while women and the inactive are limited to a maximum of one 1800 calories only. Basically this weight shed plan is of the notion that it does not matter when or where you eat as long as you eat the right amount of calories and stick to that you will loose weight. Popular celebrity Jennifer Hudson used a very similar diet plan because she couldn’t resist eating what she wanted. Check the following diagram to understand this plan:

calory diagram
How to gain, maintain and lose weight (taken from NowLoss)

Despite the loss of weight being associated with the so-called fat in the society, physically fit celebrities have gone against that notion by loosing weight for movie roles. Take an example of rapper 50 Cent who had to do a liquid only diet and and a three hour treadmill walk in order to loose four stones for a role in the movie things fall apart. Jonah Hill in 21 jump street, Brad Pitt in snatch just to mention a few all had to lose weight in order to take up movie roles.

Alternatively, check this weight loss exercise plan video for beginners from famous online trainer Mike Chang